#ARCHIVEGIFTSHOP is a collaborative project with Demelza Watts, commissioned by Camden Arts Centre to celebrate the centre's 50th birthday and launch of their digital  

archive. Camden Arts Centre has showcased an extensive number of female artists over the last 50 years under its director Jenni Lomax, Demelza and I were interested in talking

about this history by responding to material in their archives. We were also interested in the notion of 'the gift' and how we could gift the archive to members of the public by

making it into wearable merchandise. By transferring the almost static state of the archive into mobile wandering souvenirs we are able to disseminate its contents and bring into

focus the ideas, work and lives of these artists. The merchandise carry slogans which push and pull through time in conversation with the artists and associated archival material.

Members of the public are asked to participate in creating the merchandise using our slogans or their own in response to the same material. Items are free on condition they are

promoted heavily through social media. 



Collaboration with Demelza Watts

Merchandise, conversation, social media